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- multi-award winning Scottish film, television and interactive content -

Welcome to the home of BAD PONY MEDIA PRODUCTIONS:

BAD PONY MEDIA are a multi-award-winning, BAFTA celebrated, UK film and TV Production Company - based in the heart of the Merchant City in GLASGOW. Our focus is on the planning, production and post-production of quality, homegrown content for audiences, both at home and around the world, combining TV, social, second screen and real world interactive events to provide a fully immersive entertainment experience. 

"We work with exceptional talent, of all ages - and aim to engage, entertain and inspire audiences around the world, with content that showcases the people, places, culture, history and heritage of a modern, diverse and eclectic Scotland." - Frank McGowan, CEO and Executive Producer.

With offices in LONDON, NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, we are proud to have a unique Scottish flavour - and, are dedicated to championing up-and-coming talent of ALL ages, offering unique collaborative opportunities for everyone from your wee granny in Govan to your best pal from work who has that thing they're good at, as well as some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars. Our content stretches across all genres - including, but not limited to; documentary, feature film, TV drama, music video, short film, children's programming, factual entertainment, comedy, talk shows, podcasts, short form online content (for the likes of TikTok), and much more. 

Our History:

BAD PONY MEDIA was founded in 2008 by student best-friends MICHELLE MARTIN and FRANK McGOWAN (originally as "Bad Pony Productions"), and since then has grown to become one of the best-known independent UK film and television Production Companies.

With many awards and nominations under our belt, we were recently highlighted as one of the UK’s "most exciting film and TV production companies" by BUSINESS INSIDER MAGAZINE, and announced as finalists for the GREAT BRITISH ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS in 2022.  The Bad Pony Media brand has grown post-pandemic to include the newly established BAD PONY MEDIA FILMS (our US feature film production arm), BAD PONY CREATIVE (a new peer-led community initiative connecting people of all ages with opportunities across the Scottish Creative Industry), and BAD PONY MEDIA PRODUCTIONS (our new, dedicated carbon-neutral Central Scotland production house focused on the creation of engaging multi-platform Scottish content for UK broadcasters such as BBC, CHANNEL 4 and ITV, and streamers including AMAZON PRIME, NETFLIX and HBO.

Projects currently in production, pre-production and post-production include new horror feature film EVENING OF THE DEAD, hard-hitting TV drama NINETY EIGHT PERCENT - and a range of original Scottish programming produced for global audiences, including THE AUTHORS SERIES, THE TALK WITH SUSAN SUTTONNARTURAL SCOTLAND, PEOPLE OF GLASGOW and Gaelic language series "FACAL SAN LATHA" (aka "One Word a Day") - all produced exclusively for BRAW TV.  Our very own HOLLYWOOD INSIGHTS PODCAST is set to premiere in the coming months, as well as FRANKLY SPEAKING - a new live video podcast dedicated to exceptional people telling authentic stories, POP GOES TV - focusing on nostalgia, TV and cinema history, and BUSINESS SCOTLAND - offering unique opportunities for brands and businesses to share their mission.

Check out the videos below to see some of our most recent content.

Interested in collaborating? Please see our FAQ for more information on new talent submissions, casting and our latest jobs and opportunities - and go "behind the scenes" with producers via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn