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Glasgow - Our City:

Situated in the Central Belt of Bonnie Scotland, Glasgow is one of the largest cities in the country, reborn from a much-chequered past to become home to no fewer than nine TURNER PRIZE WINNERS and some 30,000+ creative individuals.  It enjoys an all year-round buzz, with an outstanding arts, entertainment, and music scene – and an international reputation as as one of the liveliest, friendliest and most richly cosmopolitan destinations in the world, with a continuing passion for innovation that helps shape not only the everyday but the extraordinary.

Did you know that Glasgow was the birthplace of ideas including the television and the telephone? And where Psychiatrist RONALD DAVID LAING pioneered the study of mental illness? And, most recently where AEROSPACE INNOVATION has seen us Scots even conquer space travel?

Since 2008, BAD PONY MEDIA’s multi-award winning team have been at the heart of the growing creative economy in Glasgow

Growing from its humble beginnings as a small medieval town to become the second city of the British Empire, Glasgow has produced some of the most exciting characters over the last 500 years – as well as architectural grandeur that continues to attract visitors from all over the world.  Having lost a third of its population in the mid-20th century due to smallpox, and later witnessing the decline of its once famous heavy industries, Glasgow fought back valiantly to become the EUROPEAN CITY OF CULTURE in 1990 and UK CITY OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN in 1999.

The city also recently hosted the 2014 COMMONWEALTH GAMES and was notably awarded the accolade of UNESCO CITY OF MUSIC appointed to its CREATIVE CITIES NETWORK.

Our Buildings and Architecture:

You will see some of the most outstanding Victorian architecture, museums, parks and secret escapes in Glasgow, and meet a rich and eclectic people – of whom heart, personality, and strength make up just a small part of the unique flavour of each individual Glaswegian, whether native or adopted. We also have a plethora of well known high street stores, market stalls, vintage stores, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques to explore, and just beyond the city limits lies some of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery – including ancient castles, lochs, glens and miles of beautiful coastline.

Our Culture, Economy and Creative Spaces:

BAD PONY MEDIA are proud to be part of Scotland’s growing creative and digital industry. Our creative neighbours, include the likes of CULTURAL ENTERPRISE OFFICE,  COLLABOR8TE and WRIGHT MEDIA – whom are just some of the city’s cutting-edge creative spaces helping put Glasgow on the map.  Other innovative spaces such as CREATIVE CLYDECENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS (CCA) and ROOKIE OVEN – as well as the new SWG3 in the city’s Yorkhill district – a multidisciplinary arts facility providing studio space to a community of over 120 creative practitioners.

Leading Scottish cultural analyst JOHN MYERSCOUGH found that 21 years after the city became the first in the UK to win the title of EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE, the sector has gone from strength to strength – reinforcing our city’s position as a place for creative talent to be discovered. Glasgow now continues to flourish via a range of eclectic city-wide creative businesses, with a collective passion that makes it one of Europe’s most exciting cities – with notable mention in the likes of TIME MAGAZINE and the 2008 edition of MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME ON EARTH: A ROUGH GUIDE TO THE WORLD.

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